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Farm Notes: July 8th, 2016 – First Comfrey Tea for plants

Today i made up my first attempt at making a fertilizer tea for the farm with some comfrey I had around the area. Essentially all I did was grab up some comfrey and masticated it so that when I put it in the reservoir with some circulating water it would already be broken down a little.

The setup was simple. I used one of the reservoirs that I buried to mix the solution. There are two pumps running. One to circulate the water and the other to lift the water out of the reservoir and splash is back into the water. creating a mixing and aerating effect to the mixture. I’m hoping that it will be ready by the time I get outside.

Also picked up a bunch of pallets today to start some farm projects. I got lucky at this paint place in pueblo and they filled up my van! how awesome. Got real lucky with that. We should bring them some eggs or maybe cookies since we won’t be getting a ton of eggs off the bat, but who doesn’t like cookies?! Cookies only need a couple eggs..

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