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Farm Notes: Sunday, June 26th, 2016 – Reminder to go slow.

Today was not to bad weather wise. The sun was hot, but I was able to find alternate projects in the shade to work on, however still drug myself out into the sun in order to try and finish this hugle mound.


This morning I put up more bamboo stakes for the privacy fence on the ODG.

Watered grow, front two hugle mounds, Lindsays plants and the herbs up front.

Hugle One seemed to be drying out a bit faster than it should be. I deduced that when the neighbors cut down their mulberry tree up front it created a wind tunnel that is sucking the moisture out plants.

Released both water containers for trees on west side of property.

While breaking a branch with my foot and pulling the branch towards me, a previously broken stem on the branch punctured my skin on the leg.  This was my lesson for the day as it turned out that I probably could have used a bit more water to stay hydrated myself  and make better decisions on breaking sticks down.

Used a comfrey poultice and leaf wrap in an attempt to heal faster.


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