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Farm Notes: Thursday June 30th, 2016 – Hugel 4 almost done

SO today wasn’t that bad… Looking back.

Finally got some tools back to a neighbor and was talking about the irrigation piping i took up from the east side of our house. He had mentioned that I might want to look in my basement, just in case. After looking in the basement I found that there was a leak from the ditch water, however, the leak was coming from the western side of the house.

My deductions, the piping that is used as an outlet for the cistern is set too high so no water will escape, instead the water overflows the cistern and back flows to the house. No good.

Temp solution. I was able to cap the inlet for the cistern and then widened the eastern ditch in order to accommodate for the extra water.

Hugel 4 is on it’s way to completion. I wanted to get it done before a storm was supposed tom come though, it didn’t, and I stopped prematurely, so awaits the Hugel 4 to be completed tomorrow maybe. At least 3 feet of wood/dirt/wood mulch/wood/charcoal/wood/wood mulch/. More tomorrow, we built 3 feet to level ground and tomorrow we go above ground another 3 feet.

Finally fix dolly to cart stuff around with thanks so a neighbors help and some extra wheels!

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