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Farm Update: July 7th, 2016 – Water finally!

Weather: It was nice most of the day. It did get a little warmer near the middle of the day, some clouds (thought it might sprinkle at one point). The sunset and an eerie tint to it, surrealistic.

So the pump blew the other day and it has been a trial getting everything watered. Since then we have been on the prowl for a new pump (well used first) and finding out that pumps are not exactly easy to find in thrift stores and pawn shops. Just a heads up on future endeavors.

So after an ordeal of a day today, finally breaking down and buying a new pump, I decided to go with a pump from Big R, after trying a transfer pump from Harbor Freight and utterly failing at that. That pump didn’t pump a thing… Can’t even begin to say ho much prime water I through at that thing..

Back we go to a simply utility sump pump with a 20′ lift. about the same as the Mondi I had, except that it was a little more power full as the Mondi was 1/4 and this one is a 1/3HP. However that electrical cord that comes with the new pump is only 6′ long! WTF! talk about a frustrating event. Off we went to put the pump in the back containers and power it from the shed.

Along with the new sump, i tried the harbor freight one again and it started doing some pumping… guess it only really wanted a 1′ lift… Anyways I devised a patchwork piping system to get the water from the back to the from through irrigation pipes I pulled up from the east side of the house. I would like an open aqueduct style setup eventually though, I know it sounds quirky, but the water should be in the open and come splashing down in a waterfall-esque fashion near the front of Hugel Island.

Well that’s it for today.

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