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Farm Update: Saturday July 16th, 2016: Pallet Procurement Begins! And Bees are found.

I say that the procurment began today, but really it started last week when I came home with a van full of pallets to disassemble in order to make a chicken coop tractor and some furniture for the boy to play on in his room… However, I think that Lindsay is starting to see how much we can actually do and is getting on board with the pallets and chickens!! Woot Woot!!

Pallets, why pallets. I know they aren’t the best wood out there, but there are plenty of them available for free and I’m not building the taj mahal here. just a few farm uses and sheds. Who knows there might be fence that comes out of these. Before all that though we are taking them apart so that we can at least use the best of the best here to make what we need and use the scrap for just that.

So this weekend’s project is to have a chicken tractor built to house at least 6 chickens Figure that should be about 6 feet of roosting space needed. So that’s 2 x 3ft roosting rails that will be made out of spare limbs. Not to mention trying to provide 4ft in the tractor for each chicken so 24ft all together…. That seems larger than anticipated, but we’ll see how it all comes together.

Another great part of the day is the discovery of a bees nest in a log near the north west end of the yard near the shed. It’s in an area that is not ventured into very often so we are just going to leave them be and have them pollinate for us.

That’s it for today! Hopefully harvesting some squash soon…

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