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***More to be added***

How we planted it:

Cut up based on eyes. One eye per cut, however now I have seen and heard others who have said that you should have three so we’ll see how it works out. Check the farm notes for the updates on that.


Good for colds coughs

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The game is afoot!!

Hello World!! Coming to ya straight out of Canyon City, CO. This is the first real post on the Mad Love Farms website and we are excited to have you. We started out and still are a nothing and no how farm… In other words we are no where close to the farm we will become, however you get to watch us grow if you choose to follow us here.

Mad Love Farms is an ever developing farm ran by the Kittel family, primarily at the moment by Shawn Kittel who uses the farm as his own personal meditative therapy. This was the beginning of the Love. Our family culture is one that tries to express Mad Love in all things we attempt, whether success of failure follows.  This is how we approached our farm and will continue to journey down this path keeping the plants in mind while caring for them.

We strive to be a wholly organic farm here. No pesticides, no fumes, no fuels. Most of our fertilizers are derived right here on the farm from plant matter at the moment and possibly animal inputs (chicken, cow, etc.) in the future. Our focus is not in developing great plants, but instead on developing the soil that the plants develop within. Our theory, great soil makes for great plants and great plants will have little to no need for pesticides or any growth enhancements products. High Brix is the term I think.

The thought on pesticides is to provide natural ones such as a birds, snakes, predatory insects and etc..

We figure nature knows what it’s doing here and only look to mimic nature while placing a little human interaction and design into the mix..

Not exactly sure what we are doing yet, but are having fun figuring it out. All things in time.

So that’s us. This is our farm built on Mad Love.