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Farm Notes: Monday, June 27th, 2016 – Water Day

Well today went off alright. Injuries seem to be healing up.

Seeded and watered Hugel 3.

Seeds Planted: (All from Botanikka)

Mammoth Red Clover
Chamomile (Roman)
St. Johns Wort
Basil (Lemon, Purple Osmin, Dwarf Greek)
Evening Primrose
Lemon Balm

All herbs, no vegtables, except the base pumpkin and cantalope. I wonder if maybe I should have made this one bigger. The 3x3x3 structure was taken from Masanobu Fukuoka. I think that is where I heard that this was the perfect size. It might have been Paul Wheaton.

Seems like the soil surrounding is seriously compacted. The water took forever to soak in. Built a bit of a water catch in order to stop water from running downhill instead of filling the Hugel.

Seeded Hugel 3, but also seeded tree river with pumpkin seeds as well as cantalope. Seeded the shop pond with pumpkin and cantalope as well as the base of Hugel 3.

Took off a few branches from the elm near the shop.

Starting to plan out chicken coop built onto the side of the shop.

Watered All hanging flowers, moved large hanging flower pot to back. Also moved strawberries in back as they were getting eaten by deer.

Grasshoppers are still everywhere, however i felt like there was less today. Might have just been in my head…. Maybe they ate everything they could and left. I want them to leave.

I set up a perching nest for the birds to sit and hopefully catch these little hoppers. I put a bunch of limbs together with a bucket of water underneath for bathing… we’ll see how it works.