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Farm Notes: Friday July 1st, 2016 – Hugel 4 Complete

Great weather to work in today. overcast and breezy all day. Torrential downpour around 4 that lasted maybe 20 mins.

Tested a lot of the systems that i was setting up for irrigation. Seems that the run off from the road heads down the middle of the western driveway instead of running into the Hugel Island (yup, new term and i’m running with it.) where I had wanted to. Instead it ran over the driveway to the western fruit row and flooded everything in that area, however the new bed I leveled today for root vegetables held it’s ground great. I ended up double ditching the area, one was the water path around the trees and the other being the back fill irrigation ditch from the plum tree.

Solution?: raise up the middle of the driveway… no…. probably best to drop the catch from the road sooner than where the headcut is now. this way all the water gets diverted to the Hugels and a caught instead of running off.

Progress Today:

Hugel 4 COMPLETE!! Finished it off with some undertree mulch from the back of the acre and some hay. Nicely broadcast some seed into it. What it was I have no clue. I know that I was planning on getting some flowers in this one in order to try and attract more insects, birds, bees, and the lot.

Root bed was leveled and seeded with tree mulch and hay. Then drenched by the rain!


Outside of the runoff being misplaced I would say that the land took the water well, I did not get a chance to check out the ponds, but maybe we’ll have an update on that tomorrow.

Maybe we should get better about taking pictures of all this. Seems like getting it done is more important than documenting it. Was listening to Mark Shepard on regenerative agriculture saying that people would get after him about ┬ánot having a web presence as in depth as they thought he should. His response being that of just because someone doesn’t have a web presence the fact they are doing it should mean more. Do the work, share if possible. Or if you even want to. What’s you’re Tao?