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Farm Update: Thursday July 14th, 2016: THE WATER IS FLOWING!!!

Finally after much deliberation and trial and error and simply not having the right pieces the water is flowing to all needed locations on the farm.

Talk about a pain. I was able to get the pump working at it’s correct capacity and it actually does move a fair amount of water. This lesson was called “GO TO THE STORE AND GET THE RIGHT PIECES FIRST!”. Sometimes Jerry-riging something can only work for so long, and if its not working, maybe you should just do it right. Lesson learned, oh and remember to bring the pieces with you to the store so you can test out the ones your buying. (Came home with a bag full of irrigation pieces a size too large.)

So with finally getting this water flow issue accomplished I then spread the water out to four locations.

1 – Far east of Hugle 1
2 – Middle of Hugle 1 and 2
3 – Around west side of Hugle 1 to create a stream between Hugle 2 and Hugle 3 and 4 just to the north.
4 – Ran a small trench across the driveway to Fruit Tree Row.

With this setup I hope to eventually be able to have the water that is supplied to Hugle Island and Fruit Tree Row be recirculated within those two spots pumped up from the middle ponds.

Still haven’t even touched the idea of fixing the cistern. I have a feeling that is going to be a winter project. Until then we can start to dig out the drainage pipe so it is at least not back flowing into the basement. Right now it is capped off at the ditch, but I feel I’m wasting water since the cistern is not filling up and that water is just flowing down the ditch…..

I did learn that the pump can not be placed directly in the the plastic reservoir as the water gets sucked out of it too quick and it floats. I ended up taking the reservoir out and placing the water suction pipe in the hole and that worked great. Maybe once we get the reservoir secured in the hole so it can’t float we will try again with the pipe directly in the reservoir.

That was about it for yesterday besides working on some pallets. Looking forward to chickens soon.